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Electronic Prescribing

Electronic Prescriptions Made Easy

E-prescribing is a simple electronic way to generate prescriptions for participating pharmacies. Electronic prescriptions vastly reduce medication errors and simplify prescribing. Within seconds, providers can see a patient’s current medications, allergies, and potential drug interactions or complications. With the e-RX feature, pain management specialists can prescribe multiple prescriptions simultaneously to an auto-populated list of local pharmacies.

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We tailor our electronic prescription software for your convenience in sending multiple and bulk medications in a single order and two-click prescription refills. It will be integrated into your EMR software for an easy follow up with patients regarding their prescriptions, medications, and educational materials.

Certified E-Prescribing Software

Our E-Prescribing Software has EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) and EPA (Electronic Prior Authorization) Modules. Both can expedite your prescription workflow with complete compliance and accountability.

EPCS will provide a secure prescription ordering system certified by the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), ONCHIT 2015, HIPAA, and Surescripts. On the other hand, the EPA Module will maximize your prior authorization approvals with minimal effort. It has a drug formulary and insurance formulary built-in with a real-time approval process, giving your patients faster access to their prescriptions. The module also links your practice to a wider network of providers, pharmacies, insurers, and payers.

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E-Prescribing Software Features

E-Prescribing Software Benefits