pain practice management
pain practice management

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Fully Integrated EMR & Practice Management System

Our leading Pain Practice Management software for pain management specialists is known for its easy-to-use and powerful features. Our award-winning software is highly customizable from private practice pain management clinics to large scale multi-specialty clinics.

practice management system

Integrated Appointment Scheduler

Our appointment scheduler allows staff to easily manage and orchestrate multiple schedules and offices. It’s also completely integrated with the EMR so that authorized staff can gain instant access to account balances, co-payments, patient demographics, visitation notes, prescription information and more. Learn more about patient appointment scheduling.

Pain Management Billing Manager

The billing manager of our best medical practice management software offers strong validations, easy data entry and pre-loaded billing codes for the pain management specialty. Pre-claim analysis ensures that important authorization information is entered, reducing the number of rejected claims.

Comprehensive Reports

Our practice management system includes over 400 reports with summaries, analytical assessments, comparative data and visual representations of data. You can also create customized reports using any parameters your practice prefers. Learn more about comprehensive reports.

Support Services

Every module of our practice management software is designed with an intuitive interface so that you and your staff can use it immediately without extensive training. However, we also offer training services, setup implementation, and technical support so that your practice can make the most of our online practice management software.

ICD-10 Compliant Practice Management

Our practice management software is fully compliant with ICD-10 codes, which anyone subject to HIPAA laws will be required to utilize by 2014.

Fully-Integrated Electronic Medical Records

Our EMR software increases your practice productivity through an easy-to-use interface that makes data entry quick, easy and accurate. The EMR is integrated into other software modules so that data can be quickly and effortlessly shared. Tasks such as billing or letter-writing will become simple and fast. Grab the best practice management software today!