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The leading Pain Management Software from a trusted name in healthcare — 1st Providers Choice

Top pain management physicians and IT experts collaborated to craft the perfect software that will significantly improve the healthcare delivery of pain management practices throughout the US.


What is Pain Management Software?

1st Providers Choice presents the Pain Management Software that includes a wide variety of modules that streamlines processes in treating chronic and acute pain. It offers specialized software for patient evaluation, appointment booking, workers’ compensation, drugs/prescription management, patient engagement, etc. It also gives a unique and user-friendly experience with its customizable smooth workflow due to the rich content and background in the specialty provided by pain management physicians.


Features of Pain Management Software:

  • Electronic Prescribing – You can generate prescriptions quickly and electronically with our vast number of participating pharmacies. It can also reduce medication errors and simplify your prescribing. The software can show a patient’s current medications, allergies, and potential drug interactions or complications. With the e-RX feature, you can prescribe multiple prescriptions simultaneously to an auto-populated list of local pharmacies. Learn More
  • Workers Compensation – The software will let you create employer accounts efficiently, generate forms automatically, print statements, post payments, and more. We also make it easy to manage all types of Workers’ Compensation-related data, such as evaluations of compensation board determinations and appeals. Learn More
  • Patient Appointment System – Our integrated Patient Booking System allows your patients to book their consultation appointments online anytime and anywhere. It also relieves your front desk staff from taking phone calls for appointments, giving them more room to do other administrative tasks, doubling their productivity. Learn More
  • Integrated E-Prescription Software – The ePrescription (Electronic Prescription Software) allows you to manage your patients better. It has an integrated drug-checking feature that helps you give the best prescription for your patients. The drug-checking feature will enable you to receive alerts about allergies, conflicting or duplication of medications, and suggested dosage. – Learn More
  • Patient App – You can empower your patients to invest in their healthcare with our integrated Patient App. It conveniently allows your patients to participate in their healthcare management through their smartphones actively. It will allow them to request, confirm or edit appointments, view their prescriptions, send refill requests, and many more. – Learn More
  • Patient Care Portal – You will be able to securely view, download, and send your patient’s medical documents to other health providers. They can also review their bills online, send secure messages to your clinic directly, and pay online, saving their time from long office waits. – Learn More


Benefits of Pain Management Software

1st Providers Choice aims to reduce the complexities of practice and patient management of all Pain Management practices throughout the United States. Our Pain Management Software is rich with specialty-specific EMR solutions, providing you a bountiful EMR and specialty-specific benefits, such as:

  • Streamlines Administrative and Clinical Work – The Pain Management software is equipped with commonly used templates like pain screening, injections, general pain, headaches, and pain management forms for physical examination, systems review, intake of patients, abdominal pain, work status report, and accidental injury. It will assist doctors and practitioners in better managing their patients more conveniently.
  • Improves Patient Care – The Pain Management Software provides a graphics database for better visual presentation and more accurate documentation, essential in pain management practices. The interactive diagrams, patient charts, and other graphic types will better represent doctors’ data, making it easier for patients to understand their diagnosis, treatments, and treatment progress. It ultimately improves patient care from their diagnosis to their treatment and recovery.
  • Cost-Saving and Increases Revenue – Our Pain Management Software offers a significant amount of financial benefits. It helps in reducing your expenses due to the increase in productivity from automation. It will also allow pain management billing practices to provide better services and a more comprehensive treatment plan range.


Pain Management Innovative Market Trends

The healthcare industry and its demands are continually evolving. Patients, as well as the practitioners, seek out new functionalities that improve healthcare services. Pain Management practices should consider checking these following innovative market trends when choosing a software provider:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – SaaS enhances digital infrastructure’s flexibility and reduces capital expenditure. EMR and EHR software are now offering cloud-based solutions and internet-connected implementation.
  • Mobile Accessibility – It will significantly reduce response time, increase convenience, and enhance the staff’s flexibility.
  • Self-service portals – The demand for Patient Portals is on the rise from the preference of patients. It increases patient engagement, secures health safety, and offers overall convenience.

At 1st Providers Choice, we know that our clients expect a higher level of performance and high-quality service than “basic requirement” software. That’s why we also provide a “recommended configuration” that is a specialty-specific that will allow their pain management practices to operate at its optimum potential.

You can call us at (480) 782-1116 for immediate assistance, or you can schedule a free demo with our experts TODAY.