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eprescription software

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The leading EMR software by the trusted name in healthcare — IMS

IMS’s fully integrated with the best e prescribing software that assists Pain Management Practices in improving their patient prescription management. It offers numerous features and modules that streamline prescription management, reduce data entry errors and legibility problems, and increase overall patient safety by securely sending medication orders to almost 85% of pharmacies in the US.

The ePrescription (Electronic Prescription Software) allows you to manage your patients better. It has an integrated drug-checking feature that helps you give the best prescription for your patients. The drug-checking feature allows you to receive alerts about allergies, conflicting or duplication of medications, and suggested dosage.

eprescription software

Best Notable Features of ePrescription Software:

  • Patient’s Record Verification Window
  • Electronic Prescription Sending Feature
  • Refill Requests Panel in Fax and Tasks Window
  • Electronic Prescription Status Tracker
  • Refill Requests Verification Window

Benefits of Electronic Prescriptions Software:

  • Improves Patient Care and Management Quality
  • Reduces To and Fro Phone Calls to Pharmacies
  • Eliminates Manual Processing of Faxes
  • Increases Patient Compliance
  • Prescribing Mobility
  • Improves Formulary Adherence
  • Increases Patient Convenience

Drug Dispensing Module

The Drug Dispensary Module of ePrescription Software syncs with the IMS’s EMR and Prescription Modules so that data can easily be shared. It streamlines the data sharing, making drug dispensary accurately managed, leaving less room for data entry errors.

This feature also has a bar code verification tool with practice inventory tracking that ensures that medical practices have the proper medications. The drug dispensary module works with billing as well, allowing automatic transfer of all charges.

Features of Drug Dispensing Module:

  • Eligibility Checker
  • Formulary
  • Medical History
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EPCS Module

The EPCS (Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances) Module of ePrescription Software expedites your prescription workflow with utmost compliance and accountability. It provides a secure prescription ordering system that is Certified by the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), ONCHIT 2015, HIPAA, and Surescripts.

Features of EPCS Module:

  • One Time Password (OTP) Authentication
  • Identity Verification Windows
    e prescribing software
  • Logs and Report Audit Page
    prescribing software

EPA Module

The EPA (Electronic Prior Authorization) Module of our e prescribing software maximizes your prior authorization approvals with minimal effort. It has a drug formulary and insurance formulary built-in with a real-time approval process, giving your patients faster access to their prescriptions. The module also links your practice to a wide network of providers, pharmacies, insurers, and payers.

  • Real-Time EPA Status Tracker
  • Faster Prior Authorization Request Processing
  • Automated EPA Requirements Checker
eprescription software