ims patient portal
ims patient portal

  • IMS Patient Care Portal


The leading EMR Integrated Patient Care Portal from the trusted name in healthcare — IMS

Connect with your patients online and optimize your patient engagement with IMS’s Patient Care Portal. Your patients can have 24/7 access to the clinical information they need. Our expertly crafted patient app provides a portable seamless process for patients in managing their healthcare needs and records, whenever and wherever.

IMS’s Patient Care Portal module allows your patients to securely view, download, and send their medical documents to other health providers. They can review their bills online, send secure messages to their providers, and pay online, saving their time from long office waits.

Best Patient Care Portal Features:

  • Online Patient Registration
  • Secure, Password-Protected Access
  • View and Request Appointments
  • Prescription Refill Request
  • View Lab Results
  • Visit Summaries & Medication History
  • Online Payment
  • Patient Education Resources
  • Secure Messaging System
  • Patient Intake Forms
  • Referral Requests

Benefits of Patient Care Portal:

  • Fully Integrated with EMR/PM systems
  • Reduces your Clerical and Administrative Work
  • Increases your Patient Engagement and Satisfaction
  • Eliminates Data Entry Errors
  • Improves your Productivity and Office Dynamics
  • Increases Revenue
  • Streamlines Patient-Physician Communication
  • Improves Safety and Compliance

Other Notable Features:

  • Patient Chief Complaint Input Screen – With IMS’ EMR-integrated healthcare portal, patients can enter their chief complaints and what their expectations are for their next appointment. The patient can select visit chief complaint and enter details about it.
    ims care portal
  • Oswestry Pain Questionnaire Form – Your patients can complete the Oswestry form. The Patient Care Portal will automatically do the calculations and provide a total score and disability index. Allowing patients to complete the Oswestry form in the Pain Management patient portal saves both the MA and the physicians’ time.
    ims patient portal
  • Family Medical History Input Screen – New patients can enter information about their past medical history and general family history before their first appointment. They can also update this portion of their record as needed.
    ims patient portal
  • Surgical History Input Screen – Patients can enter information about past surgeries and medical procedures on IMS’ Past Surgical History input screen, including the date the operation occurred.
    ims patient portal
  • Medications Input Screen – Patients can list all the medications they are taking, including over-the-counter drugs, vitamin supplements, herbal products, and more. They can also record the reason why they are taking the medication and the dosage.
    ims patient portal
  • Patient Dashboard – The Patient Dashboard offers a summary of all patient information stored within the EMR. Here, Pain Management specialists can view their patient’s necessary medical data such as demographics, problems, medications, and more.
    patient appointment system
  • My Appointments Screen – Patients can request an appointment and view their upcoming appointments (including the doctor’s name and the scheduled date and time). They also have the option to cancel scheduled appointments and view past office visits.
    ims patient portal
  • Patient Information Input Screen – Patients can enter demographic information conveniently online instead of filling out paperwork at your office. They can also update this data to reflect changes in address, phone number, email, employer, preferred pharmacy, and more.
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  • Patient Photos – Patients experiencing pain can upload images into the Pain Management Patient Care Portal to document and share with their physician. The Pain Management Physician can then view the uploaded picture showing the pain scale, pain radiation, and areas of pain.
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  • My Care Plans and Patient Handouts – Providers can develop a care plan for their patients and generate patient educational handouts based on the selected diagnosis and condition. The care plan and handouts will automatically appear in the portal for the benefit of the patient.
    ims care portal
  • My Documents – You can create a custom list of folders and subfolders to manage documents stored in each of your patients’ charts. Medical reports can then be faxed or emailed directly from the EMR.
    ims care portal
  • My Insurance – Your patients can add new insurance information on their own and update that data as it changes. It saves time for your staff and reduces data entry errors.
    ims care portal
  • My Labs – We make it easier for patients to view their lab results and medical tests outcomes online without having to wait until their next appointment or call your office.
    ims patient portal
  • My Messages – Your patients can communicate with you securely online. They can send private messages to their providers under HIPAA compliance.
    ims patient portal
  • My Prescription and Refill Requests – Patients can see a list of their current prescriptions, including information about how they should take each medication and how many refills they have left. They can also send prescription refill requests to their providers through the patient portal when their medication is running out for their convenience.
    ims patient portal