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Powerful All-in-One Pain Management EMR
and Practice Management Solutions.

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Increase your efficiency and bottom line with pain management solutions

  • Full integration with EMR/PM systems
  • Reduces clerical and administrative work
  • Increases patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Eliminates data entry errors
  • Improves productivity and office management
  • Increases collection
  • Streamlines patient-physician communication
  • Improves safety and compliance
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Intuitive care, powerful results

We take the pain out of running your practice. Spend time with your patients, increase your efficiency and feel good about your bottom line. Our blockbuster Pain Management EHR platform will help you make assessments at point of care, helping you move to future and beyond outdated modes of practice. If you are looking for the best pain management near me, contact our specialists today!

Customized solutions for Pain Management Practices

If you need it, our Pain Management EHR software has it. And we’ll customize it to make it feel like you invented it yourself. With unmatched client care, we’ll make sure you’re running smoothly and fully aware of all of our medical management software solution’s amazing capabilities.

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Award-winning software? You bet.


  • End-User Satisfaction
  • Practice Management Functionality
  • EMR/EHR Functionality
  • Company Viability
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You'll be happy. We guarantee it.

The experts can’t be wrong. Get the Pain Management EHR platform your practice deserves. Highly regarded, bullet-proof and admired for its ease of use and functionality. Plus, if we don’t meet “Meaningful Use” stimulus requirements, you get your money back.

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Tools That Will Make Your Day

  • Pain Management specific scale, graphs, calculators (Oswestry Disability Index)
  • Common pain medicine procedure templates
  • Medication specific templates
  • Automated, randomized medication monitoring through screenings
  • E-prescribing for controlled substance
  • Configurable HL7 interfaces with Toxicology Labs
  • Patient Questionnaires and calculators available directly within EMR and added directly to clinical note
  • Depression Survey
  • Opioid Risk Tool
  • Pain Disability Index
  • Pain Drawing
  • Pain Words
  • Quality of Life Scale
  • Sleep Apnea Test
  • SOAPP Note
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Every patient offers a new challenge for Pain Management practices. We make it easy to manage your workday with valuable pain solutions and tools to help deal with those challenges. Your goal is to alleviate and manage chronic pain. Our goal is to help manage and alleviate the administrative burden. You need a supremely powerful EHR system.

We're ready to deliver.


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Potomac Center for Chronic Pain Management –Janet L. Wasson, M.D. Letter

“I truly feel we have found the right EMR to meet our needs here at Hansen Medical. It meets our patient care and healthcare needs. The staff at 1st Providers Choice has been exceptional helpful and are very knowledgable, very patient and understanding. The system is easy to train on. Beginning, as all new technology, […]

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